Future projects

We want to make Selfharmerproblems grow!

We have plenty of ideas and projects for the future, but here are the next projects we will be working on.

There is still a lot of work to do to raise awareness in the general public, create spaces where sufferers and their loved ones can find support and promote education in professionals that come in contact with them.

Becoming a registered non-profit organization

To create new opportunities of actions in Switzerland, we want to become an official non-profit organization (NPO). This would give our actions an official legal status. Right now, Selfharmerproblems is managed only by the founder, Malika. Making Selharmerproblems a NPO would facilitate other people joining in!

Starting peer support groups

Peer support refers to support provided by people that have similar experiences. One of our mission is to increase and promote peer-support for people struggling with self harm and the people around them, as those opportunities are currently seriously lacking.

Therefore, we plan to create self harm peer support groups, either in-person starting in the French-speaking part of Switzerland or online.

How you can help

Are you a journalist looking to write an article or a TV program? An organization looking to create educational content or increase peer support on self harm? A group of professionals looking to learn more? Contact us!