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Books and articles

Nonsuicidal Self-Injury

By E. David Klonsky, Jennifer J. Muehlenkamp, Stephen P. Lewis, Barent Walsh

Hogrefe Publishing (Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice vol 22), 2011.

“This accessible and practical book provides therapists and students with a clear understanding of key issues, as well as suitable assessment techniques and treatment approaches.”

Self-Injury – A Guide for School Professionals (Self-injury Outreach & Support)

Self-Injury – A Guide for Mental Health Professionals (MHPS) (Self-injury Outreach & Support)

Self-Injury – A Guide for Medical Professionals (Self-injury Outreach & Support)

Downloadable guide and web articles


Non-Suicidal Self-Injury 101 (CRPSIR)

Cost: 199$

Target audience: Youth serving professionals operating in school systems, systems of higher education, and community-based organizations and mental health providers.

“This course will review self-injury contexts, epidemiology, function, vectors for contagion and spread, and strategies for detection, intervention and prevention. The focus is on self-injury in community (non-clinical) populations of youth, but does include information useful for anyone wanting to understand core common features, functions, and intervention strategies.”

Training from Self injury Support

“Self injury Support has 30 years’ experience in delivering high quality self-harm training to a wide variety of settings and participants. Our approach is participative and reflective, and is focused on bringing the voice of people who use self-harm into the room, building empathy and confidence for supporters.”


Media Guidelines for the Responsible Reporting & Depicting of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (International Society for the Study of Self-Injury)

Evidence-based recommendations for management of self harm and suicide in non-specialized health settings (World Health Organization)